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Case Study Parts Store E Commerce

  • Parts Store E Commerce


    ability to ideate

    Baker Hughes wants to be known as a place where all Oil & Gas Companies be able to purchase midstream equipments & parts in very easy way.  Allow them to place orders, quote, track shipments, & choose the method of payments. Make the process very transparent and allow them to follow up with one sales person.

  • Discovery

    Resources fare scattered

    Customers are so furies because they have to download a spread sheet from there ERP system then email it to sales departments and cannot get in touch with a sales person associated with their quote, so they have to call the regional sales person to follow up with their quote, then the process of getting the discount percentage.

    Then they order the parts and try to follow with different people to know when it will be shipped and lean time, and how it will ship and they will try to track the parts till they receive it in the ports, then they will finish the custom paper and release the parts and ship it to the location they need.

  • Design

    Provide direction and strategic insight on tactical decisions.

    Start by gathering the process from our sales team, & stakeholder. Then interview the users & understand their process and met with software Architect of the customers.

     Identify the persona's, workflow, and created a story board, then came up with a common ground between sales, inventory, shipment, maintenance, and procurement teams.

    Designed a dashboard will allow all personas to get the information they need and make the process very easy from scanning the parts to create the quote, order with easy 3 steps to purchase and get the company discount, leap time, and connect them with sales person to follow up with them and a way to track their shipments till it arrives at the location they need.

  • Innovation

    1. Designed an easy concept to enter parts numbers manually & system verified it instantly or allow them to enter bulk parts from their ERP system in one click.
    2. Concept allow users to order parts and view their shopping cart in one click and make them edit quantity and view parts details, system will display discounts price and Total amount due by their Currency.
    3. Designed easy page to allow users to set up their billing info, paying method, shipping requirement, custom documents & lead time.
    4. Give the users a person to contact and follow up with till they received their parts.
    5. Rapidly created and iterated designs, with multiple rounds of usability testing to validate which features were most important to customers and how well our designs met these needs.

  • Champion

    Lead Teams

    working with stakeholders, product managers and engineers to drive research-based strategy, vision, and execution. Coach, mentor, lead, and provide career guidance and development for a group of UX professionals. Lead product discovery initiatives with prototyping, focus groups, and user research.

  • Impact & results

    Lean UX

    Parts Store now has a bespoke Oil & Gas customer interface that powers a best-in-class online e commerce experience. Created a roadmap of iterative developments, so the system will continue to improve and adapt to ever-changing customer and technology requirements.

The Goal

Design an architech for the whole site navigation menu. Breakdown the site to oil & gas termenology. Gather the functions under the streams menu. higlights the parts according to streams. Proactively engaged with cross-functional teams to resolve issues and design solutions using critical thinking and analytical skills and best practices Influenced & energized others toward the common vision and goal. Maintaind excitement for a process and drives to new directions of meeting the goal in the face of unfavorable odds & setbacks. Diplomatically advocate for the appropriate support staffing levels.
"I am motivated by necessary and challenging solutions with an understanding that the result is proportional to the effort.".
"The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision".
UX Thinker Emil Mitry