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GE Oil & Gas


June  - Feb 2016

My Work

  • Brand & Corporate Identity
  • Website Architect
  • UX Design & Research
  • Corporate Website
  • Responsive Site

The Goal

Design an architech for the whole site navigation menu. Breakdown the site to oil & gas termenology. Gather the functions under the streams menu. higlights the parts according to streams. Proactively engaged with cross-functional teams to resolve issues and design.
Solutions using critical thinking and analytical skills and best practices Influenced & energized others toward the common vision & goal. Maintaind excitement for a process and drives to new directions of meeting the goal in the face of unfavorable odds & setbacks. Diplomatically advocate for the appropriate support staffing levels.
Vistores were able to find what they are looking for.
Emil Mitry
Old Menu

Old Menu

Old Menu

Streams Break Down

Streams Break Down

Clear Menu

Clear Menu

Building the concept

Designed the website with oil & gas terminology so users will be easy to find what they are looking for and able to purchase their equipment’s in easy way, by designing the menu this way helps the users to easily find what they are looking for and make the turn over faster and easy.

The old site was designed by functions so users not familiar with this terminology they are more confused this way. but using oil & Gas terminology helps them achieve their goals, and able to find the right equipment’s and parts they need.

With this design was able to accommodate the new merger of buying Baker Hughes and able to merge the other website easily with GE Oil & Gas site, by assigning each function or products under the Oil & Gas Terminology; Upstream, Midstream, & Downstream. Using the design thinking process i work with helps to accommodate this change, and by champion the design team we were very successful to come up with the new site.

 By doing UX researcher I engaged users experience research method which is used to communicate what is needed from the end user’s perspective to UX designers and product teams and includes a wide range of methods, eg. usability testing, interviews, surveys, card sorting, tree testing, heat maps, field testing. Helped to come to the new design.

New Vision

The Result

For us, the role of technology is to drive progress. Working together with our customers, we believe technology can help make energy cleaner, safer, and more efficient, With Baker Hughes customers involved in the changes, that's why we are accelerating the pace of change for the industry.
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